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It's Your World. Communicate!®

No really, it is your world and do not let anybody tell you different. However, having a world comes with a great responsibility of sharing and respect for the others around you. So, begin by showing others what is great about your world through your eyes.

  • Q: What is "It's Your World. Communicate!®" all about?

    A: First and Foremost WWW.GlobalCallVoIP.com is about communication. We would like it to be all good communication. However, we know that will never be the case. But just for a few moments we would like you to believe it can.

    Make a video and post it to our YouTube group located at WWW.YouTube.com/Group/GlobalCallVoIP

    Please use the following someplace in the video.

    1.) Your name and what part of the world you are from.
    2.) Show us and tell us what is good about where you live.
    3.) Say "WWW Dot Global Call VoIP (spell out the VoIP) Dot Com."
    4.) Say "It's Your World. Communicate!®"
    5.) Whatever else you might want to say. (Be nice and remember YouTube's rules.)

    After you have posted the video, Email (GlobalCallVoIP at gmail dot com) with the subject "GobalCallVoIP Video Posted On YouTube".

    If you do not know English, communicate in your language. The important part is just communicate.

    HINT!... We kind of favor videos showing your nations colors and the great things about where you live. Maybe it is your friends, scenery or great foods that you love so much where you live. If so, show and tell us about them. We would love to see a WWW.GlobalCallVoIP.com Watermark displayed on the video also. If you have your own website, please feel free to mention it too. If we like your effort and display it on our site, we will send you $25 for your support and sharing. We will be picking the one we like best sometime next year. If it is your video we will be giving you $500 for sharing it with us. Hopefully you will be able to take some of the money and share with someone else. Payment will be via PayPal. Note: Content flagged inappropriate by YouTube's user community may be determined inappropriate for display at our site also. Void where prohibited. Subject to change at any time without notice.

    Hey! If you are a girl (or women if you perfer) and would like to participate in our little play on words, go to our Become A Global Call Girl! page for another way to earn $$$ for your sharing and support.

    Kind Regards
  • Q: I have a question that is not answered on this page.

    A: Please go to our FAQs Page.