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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Hopefully, you will find the answer you where looking for in regards to our website and services. If not, feel free to e-mail us at Support at Global Call VoIP dot com with your questions or concerns.

  • Q: Do I need internet service to use WWW.GlobalCallVoIP.com

    A: Yes. We recommend a high speed connection to insure good quality calls. However, we have used our system on dial up and free WiFi areas with okay results.
  • Q: How do I dial someone using your service.

    A: When dialing someone using our service, you only need to dial the country code + area code + local number. You Do Not dial the international access code. Example: You would dial someone in the UK by just dialing 441234567890 Not 00441234567890. Note: You will need to dial the country code + area code + local number even if you are dialing local.
  • Q: Your rates to the destination(s) I call most are higher than your competitors. Will you match their price?

    A: If possible, we would rather beat their price than match it. If you are thinking of using our services, please go to our Support Page and fill out a support ticket. Please provide us with a way to verify our competitors rate(s) and we will see if we can give you a better price. Existing user, please open a ticket from within your control panel.
  • Q: You indicate that I need to bring my own device. What type of devices to you support.

    A: We do not support any devices. You are bringing your own device and therefor are responsible for it working or not. However, several SIP software and hardware devices will work with our system. Examples are X-Lite, Express Talk or PhonerLite. All these are free software that allow you to communicate via your PC. While traveling, we currrently use a USB Flash Drive loaded with PortableApps and PhonerLite. It works very good for us even on weak signal, free WiFi. There are also direct VoIP SIP hardware solutions that will plug into a USB port on your computer and or SIP ATA adapters that allow you to use your traditional phone hardware with VoIP. We prefer Cisco/Linksys ourselves for the last two options, but most any should work. You MUST HAVE an UNLOCKED SIP device though. Some VoIP service providers lock the device they send to you to only work with them. In this case, the device will not work with us.

    Learn How To Get A Free USB Office With Headset and Mic, Free Unlocked Linksys RTP300 2 port VOIP Phone Adapter & Router, Free T-Mobile Pre Paid Phone, or Free Wifone Wifi VoIP App For Your iPhone with a Beta Testers account.

  • Q: What ATA devices work with your system.

    A: Most any unlocked SIP ATA device should work with our system. Some examples are Linksys PAP2T-NA, Linksys SPA2102-NA, or Linksys RTP300-NA.
  • Q: Do you provide support for connecting devices to your system.

    A: Since we are a "Bring Your Own Device and Pay As You Go" provider, our support is limited to what you find on our site. There are hundreds of devices out there that work with our system. Having all the answers documented or via call in would increase the price per minutes several times over. There are a number of Consumer VoIP forums that have very good help. Your favorite search engine is your friend in getting the answers you need. By you doing a little work, we can spend more time to finding quality low cost rates to save you money.
  • Q: I seem to be having DNS issues with Sip.GlobalCallVoIP.net. Can I just use an IP address?"

    A: Yes, just replace Sip.GlobalCallVoIP.net with If we change the IP for Sip.GlobalCallVoIP.net we will tell you and you can make another adjustment at that time.
  • Q: How do I get my voice mail to work?

    A: Voice mail is not active by default. You will need to open a support ticket indicating you would like your voice mail activated. At this time this service is FREE. However, we may need to charge a small fee in the future to maintain low calling rates. After we activate your voice mail you will be able to turn it off and on and adjust the e-mail notification by logging into your customer portal and going to "Account INFO" and clicking on "EDIT PERSONAL INFORMATION". You can personalize your voice mail or retrieve your message by dialing *98 from your Softphone and or any ATA or Sip device you are using with our service. Please Note: you will need access to your customer portal and or an ATA device, SIP phone, and or Softphone to use voice mail.
  • Q: Is there a way for me to get my balance over my calling device?"

    A: Accounts are set up for use as both sip and calling cards. Because of this you will here your balance and amount of time you have to call at the start of every call.
  • Q: What do you mean by "Pay For Everything And Save Money"

    A: It is simple. If it cost us we charge you. Take toll free numbers for example. They currently cost us and thus we charge you less than a penny a minute (.001). We do not try and make a profit from these numbers and only charge you what it takes for us to insure your calls get through. Now we could just raise the price of all other calls to make up for giving you the toll free call for free. Instead we ask you to look at your overall savings month to month and for the year. Is your communication bill lower? Then even when you pay us for what others give you for free, overall you are saving money.
  • Q: Do you have VoIP call in support?"

    A: On the rarity there is a concern, you can access our support ticket system from within your control panel. Our staff will usually answer and correct your concern within 24 hours. Not having a call center allows us to keep our cost down and pass the savings on to you.
  • Q: Why is the balance posted less than my payment value?

    A: Orders are posted minus transactions fees from the payment processor. These are not surcharges and or additional fees by us. We are just passing on to you the transaction charges the payment processors charge us to process your order. Without doing this we would have to charge more for our services.

    NOTE: We are currently testing a reimbursement procedure. Click Here to see if you qualify.
  • Q: Why do some of the numbers I dial never work?

    A: We try to provide a good quality service at a very low price by offering the Money Saver plan. Unfortunately, sometimes low price verse good quality can lead to an occasional connection concern. In most cases this is because of the route/provider we use for the numbers you are having problems with. If for some reason your calls are not going through or the quality is not very good, you should open a support ticket and let us know. We will do our best to correct the concern. Sometimes this means notifying the provider and sometimes this means replacing the provider.

    Note: Because of our very low rates, connection success is AS IS WHERE IS. Having said that, if you are constantly having trouble with a call, open a support ticket and let us know. We absolutely want to give you the best quality call at the best price we can.
  • Q: What is DISA (Direct Inward System Access)?

    A: Basically, you have your own personal access number. Example: You are going to take an international trip and you are not sure about internet, cell and or VoIP access there. You can purchase a local DID to the place you are going from us and assign it as your own access number. This way you can call your private local access number, pay the cheap local rate and dial home using our cheap international rates.
  • Q: What do I do if VoIP ports are blocked where I am?

    A: Please understand, if your ISP and or government is blocking VoIP there is little we can do. You would need to ask the restricting parties to allow more VoIP service access.

    If not illegal where you are, you could also try using an outwards bound proxy or vpn. Below are some links that might help you.


    Also, you might be able to find a better solution doing an internet search.
  • Q: I have a question that is not answered in FAQs

    A: If you are thinking of using or services, please go to our Support Page and fill out a support ticket. Existing user, please open a ticket from within your control panel.