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Beta Testers Requirements And (FAQs)

Welcome to WWW.GlobalCallVoIP.com and thank you for your interest and becoming a Beta Tester for us. Please read the information below carefully as it will help increase the quality of our service to you. Unfortunately all our informational pages are only in English at this time. If you do not understand English, you may want to get some help from someone who does. However, our control panel is in multiple languages and if your language is supported you should be OK once you sign up.

NOTE: This is a real Beta Test. These are BYOD accounts that are not guarantee 100% service or function availability. We may be evaluating different software, hardware, data centers, and or vendors during this test. There will be down time and system bugs. If you are looking for free talk time with no interruptions, our beta test is not for you.

We are looking for people from different parts of the world that are willing to work with us while we knock the bugs out of our system. Support and or feedback (this is a two way street during beta testing) will be provided via email using our support form. There will also be general system emails sent out for global issues and updates. For your help we will give you free call time as we see fit. You can have only one account per IP. Please do not sign up for multiple accounts.

    ALSO, In order for us to issue you an account you will have to provide us with a VALID VERIFIED PayPal email.

    We need some way of qualify you as a sincere Beta Tester and not someone trying to sign up for multiple Beta Tester account solely for free minutes. Since we currently use PayPal as our payment processor, we have chosen to give valid verified PayPal members preference for beta test accounts.

    More information can be found HERE on PayPal verification.

  • Q: What is a Beta Tester

    A: We are currently in beta release and need people to help us test our switches and carriers to different countries. A Beta Tester helps us with these tests. The quality of the calls you make will very more than normal. If you can live with some disruptions in your calling, this might be a good time for you to get some free international calls. To get some free international calls you will need to meet the following requirements.
  • Q: How long can I be a Beta Tester?

    A: There are several factors that determine your Beta Testers status including but not limited to how many destination you are able to try and your willingness to give meaningful feedback. Also, if your account is inactive for more than 1 week (including but not limited to no call attempts or a lot of incomplete calls without any feedback) we will suspend your account. Beta test accounts are not permanent and we will suspend them as we see fit.
  • Q: Why are my calls not connecting or connecting to the wrong destination?

    A: Please remember, as mentioned before you signed up, you are beta testing and there will be problems. Having said that, here are some possibilities for the concern.

    1. On cell calls, the cell carrier picks up and then transfers your call. Once the cell carrier picks up the call is considered answered on our end. We have no way of knowing what they are doing with the call. There is not a lot we can do when this happens. We contact the provider and hope it is an honest routing concern in their system that they can correct.

    2. Some routes are just bad. They are cheap, but, it does not matter if the calls do not connect. Finding good/bad routes is part of beta testing.

    3. We may be working on our system our there might be a bug.

    Again, this is all part of "real beta testing". However, once we find a route that is good, we will give you another voucher to use in addition to vouchers we give you for helping us. If this is a little more involved than you thought it would be and you would rather not continue being a beta tester, we understand and thank you for your previous efforts.

  • If you agree with the above information and requirements just click HERE and fill out the Beta Testers Sign Up Form. We will evaluate your request and possibly give you some free calling time.
  • Q: I have a question that is not answered on this page.

    A: Please go to our FAQs Page.

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